FAIRterm Web Application


The terminological records compiled and validated with the FAIRterm Web application are integrated in the following ongoing projects about medical and commercial terminology. This reseach projects are carried out jointly by the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies and the Department of Information Engineering respectively supervised by Federica Vezzani and Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio.

TriMED - Medical Termbase

TriMED is a multilingual terminological database resulting from the work carried out in Federica Vezzani's PhD thesis (defended in December 2020). The resource was conceived in order to tackle different problems related to the complexity of medical terminology in three languages: Italian, English and French. In particular, it can be used by:

  • Patients, who can look for the equivalent of technical terms in a more familiar and comprehensible terminology;
  • Translators, who can consult a structured terminological record providing a wide range of information in both source and target language;
  • Physicians, who, in terms of interoperability, can consult other useful medical resources such as MeSH terms, Snomed CT etc.
You can access the TriMED resource at this link: https://purl.org/trimed.

CAMEO - Commercial Terminology Resource

CAMEO (CommerciAl terMinology rEsOurce) is the terminological database developed within the research project "La terminologia del commercio: progettazione e implementazione di una banca dati terminologica multilingue per le lingue speciali delle attività manifatturiere del Veneto" launched in January 2021 with Prof. Geneviève Henrot as Principal Investigator. The development of CAMEO is one of the main objectives of Federica Vezzani's Post-Doc Research Grant, and the resource aims at collecting the terminology of the following commercial domains:

  • Agri-food
  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Glass
You can access the CAMEO resource at this link: https://purl.org/cameo.

DITTO - Disarmament International Treaty TerminOlogy

DITTO - (Disarmament International Treaty TerminOlogy) is the terminological database developed in collaboration with the research project YourTerm Juri to collect relevant terminology in the field of justice and legal terminology. In particular, this subproject analyses the principles of international law and international agreements on weapons of mass destruction that are conveyed by technical and specialised terminology.
The linguistic collaborator to this project is Dr. Sara Silecchia.
You can access the DITTO resource at this link: https://purl.org/ditto.