FAIRterm Web Application


FAIRterm is a free tool for the compilation of multilingual terminological records. It has been designed to support the work of language professionals such as terminologists, translators, technical writers, researchers, and students.

You can compile multilingual terminological records in the 24 official EU languages, plus Turkish and Russian. We aim to include more languages in the next months: if you want to add your language in FAIRterm, please contact us.

FAIRterm offers a bilingual view of the terminological record: you can work with two languages at a time. The data categories provided in our model allow the user to have a broad linguistic and conceptual framework of the term both in the source and the target languages. Click here for a practical guide about the use of FAIRterm.

The web application is free, but you need to fill in this form in order to get your login credentials. Once you received your credentials, you can directly access the FAIRterm compilation tool by clicking here.

Initiatives Supporting FAIRterm

Within the "Terminology without borders" project, the TermCoord supports the use of the FAIRterm tool for the compilation of multilingual terminological records by the partners collaborating in the project. The advantages deriving from the use of the FAIRterm tool are:

  • ensuring the consistency among the YourTerm projects;
  • harmonizing the terminological workflow between partners;
  • supporting the FAIRness of terminological data for the scientific community;
  • complying with European requirements for Open Science.

University of Padova

If you are a user from the University of Padova, please click here to access the ongoing projects.